What to should I expect from therapy?

Couple in therapy with Austin BridgesThe primary goal of treatment at Austin Bridges Therapy is to identify your depression, anxiety, trauma, or stress and explore how it interferes with your life. We will also explore the underlying beliefs that cause your feelings. By understanding the various aspects of your condition, you can gain control over the situation and eliminate feelings of overwhelming depression and anxiety.

With the help of mindfulness and cognitive therapies, we can ease your anxiety, depression, trauma, and stress and help you live a far happier life.

How Should I Prepare for My Initial Session?

A counseling session usually lasts 50 minutes and costs $95 per session, although I am happy to discuss payment options. All our discussions and your information remain strictly confidential.

Come along with the intention to be honest and open. I will want to determine what is bringing you to therapy at this time in your life.

Austin Bridges Therapy

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Phone: (512) 761-8521
Email: info@austinbridgestherapy.com

Supervised by Fred Tucker LPCS
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When Do I Know It’s Time for Therapy?

The fact that you have come to my site means you are looking for a way to overcome obstacles, anxiety, or trauma. You may feel it is time that someone looked after you; that you are able to set goals and chase your dreams; that you want to feel confident and worthy once more. You do not have to go through life alone. Austin offers an array of therapy methods to help you gain self-esteem and set you free from trauma, stress, depression, and other debilitating conditions.

What Benefits Will I Get from Therapy?

Studies have shown that patients who are active in therapy fair better than those who are passive. If you are actively engaged by being open and asking questions, we will work well to create the toolset needed to set you free from trauma, stress, and anxiety. For psychological conditions, most people in therapy do better than those who have medication and therapy.

How Will I Know If You’re the Right Therapist for My Needs?

When we meet, you will get a good idea of what I am like as a professional and a person. Keep the following questions in mind when we talk:

  • How easy am I to talk to?
  • Do I seem like someone you can trust?
  • Am I really listening to you?
  • Do you feel comfortable with me?
  • Do you “like” me?

If you have any doubts about the above, I invite you to share them with me openly and honestly.

How Long Will I Have to Go to Therapy?

No therapist could give you a precise answer. There is a range of factors to consider that we will discuss along our journey together. We will collaborate to find the right skills and tools to help you lead an easier and happier life.