Austin Bridges Therapy ExercisesTherapy is not only confined to my consultation room, but is an ongoing process. That is why I have created a myriad of resources to help you and your family advance with your therapy and ensure you continue on your journey towards greater self-esteem, happiness, and a lot less anxiety.

In conjunction to our sessions and the toolkit we put together to help you along your new and happier path, here are a variety of worksheets, exercises, calming audio, and other guiding methods and activities to help you through your day.

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Breathing Exercises for Anxiety

This exercise is designed to increase oxygen intake and lower your heart beat and blood pressure while slowing your breathing rate and calming your mind. Use this any time you feel tension rising or even during a panic attack.

Cognitive Distortions

Cognitive distortions are common ways we all change, or distort, the way we are looking at a particular situation. These distortions can make us emotional and less rational when deciding how we would like to feel or react to any given situation. Use this list to reflect on what common distortions do you use that warp the way you are looking at a particular situation and how that distortion disrupts and upsets you. Then ask yourself, what is an alternative way to look at this situation with this distortion removed? How would I like to feel? How would I like to choose to respond?

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

This exercise is designed to raise awareness of tension and relaxation in the body. This should be done during a time when you won’t be disturbed and can dedicate at least 15 minutes to the process and enjoying the relaxation that comes through the exercise.

Grounding Techniques

These techniques can be used to help calm the body and mind at any point when you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or if you are looking to practice regulating relaxation. Choose any one technique to try at a time and focus on the experience of the technique. If you have any heart/medical condition please consult with your doctor.